Our Car Bed Collection

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Witness The Quality of Our Products

Kidsium specializes in luxury furniture for kids, bringing you the best children’s racing car beds and quality bedroom sets. Our car bed for boys come with flashing headlights, custom stickers all available in multiple awesome colors.

Our pink girl car bed is just as fun. Check out all our themed-furniture styles today, from pirate beds to princess beds and of course, our luxury car beds.

Our products have been designed to look like a real life race car, these sporty real car beds will have your child racing to bed.

Our products are equipped with the latest technology, light animation system & detailed star-shaped rims with LED lights. Plus, the bed makes real car sounds and has all triggered by a wireless remote control, body kit and fog light, LED rear indicator, 3D exhaust pipe design and shatterproof acrylic glass, Sound System with radio, USB, SD card, and Bluetooth input.