High-Quality - European Standards Car Beds

Established in early 2005, Kidsium has rapidly became one of the most respected company & manufacturer for car beds of Turkey.

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Turkish Manufacturer of Car Beds with Multiple Colors & Designs

Kidsium is a Turkish based car bed manufacturer supplying car bed solutions to furniture dealers, resellers and other furniture specifiers across the globe. We offer an unrivalled range of high quality car beds, dedicated to improving children's environment.

Our passionate employees go the extra mile to exceed customers' expectations and have a detailed understanding of your requirements. We pride ourselves on offering swift, reliable and honest customer service. We offer our customers good quality, value for money, products with quick lead times and work with our partners to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

With a young, energetic and open-minded team, Kidsium is now manufacturing and supplying car beds for the customers all around the world in its 10.000 square meters closed-area plant.

We're here to provide bedding solutions & children furniture - now and after sales services.

If you have any project, just contact us and we’ll help you to make it come alive.



  • Over 170.000 car beds are sold all over the world.
  • Exported to 57 countries.
  • The European level of quality of our products is guaranteed through the 10,000m2 of our facilities in Turkey.
  • We have been setting industry standards since the day we set up.
  • Different, young, modern and innovative approach to manufacturing.
  • Over 90 million USD export since 2005.

Our Mission

Peaceful and Happy Kids

We strive to create more livable child rooms with our principle of "Peaceful and happy kids".

Our designers strive to create the new status, comfort, pleasure and modern products which will be loved by your customers.

Our engineers, by adding functional mechanism to aesthetics of the car beds, strive to create, handy, high quality and long lasting products.

Our sales teams strive to reach more houses thanks to the standard form of exhibition and presentation of the unique features of Kidsium products in our each store. We operate, as a conscious company, with an eye to meet all the expectations of our consumers, all of our stakeholders, our employees and our state. Kidsium, is happy with the pleasure it has provided to homes, importers and wholesalers with the tens of thousands of car beds produced by more than 250 employees thereof.

We have peace of mind of the works created by us.

Kidsium is a world of car beds, inspired by the best latest traditions.


Behind Our Products

The team behind our unique car beds try their best in order to increase comfort, beauty and aesthetics

Mehmet E. Dursun
Industrial Engineer

Yaprak Kabukcu
Interior Architect

İbrahim Kerigan
Industrial Designer

Murathan Ekercan
Industrial Designer

Zeynep Gulenc
Industrial Designer

Ecem Aslanturk
Industrial Designer

Legal Entities

Kidsium is proceeding its business in relation with the following institutions;